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Essay Examples For Scholarships: Tips For Best Application

Essay writing is not as challenging as many students see it. If you can follow simple instructions and tips, you should be able to produce an excellent copy. So, if given a chance to write a scholarship essay, do not for any reason panic. The thing is even with tons of applicants, or that you are competing with individuals who have the same goal, aspiration and grades you have, you can still stand out of the crowd. Your ideas and approach would make the difference and set you apart. Here are few tips that can get you started on the right path.

  1. Do your homework right.

    If you want to write a college scholarship essay that stands out, then get your homework right before you start writing. Learn more about the scholarship provider, and reach out to any past recipient you know to learn from their experience. You need to find out what the organisers are after to be able to scale through. So, read and attempt past examples and questions to be fully prepared.

    However, you might be told to write a “why I want to go to college essay.”And to you, this essay type involves mentioning things that fascinate you about college. But to the organiser, the focus might be to find unique traits you possess which other candidate lacks or did not mention in their essay. They might be eager to learn about your achievements in life thus far and if the college would serve as a platform to do more.

  2. Spend quality time to plan

    As simple as writing a why go to college essay is, you need proper planning to deliver something great. Remember you are competing for the scholarship award with other students. So you should develop unique ideas and also correctly organise them.

    Research the topic and plan the outline diligently. Your framework will serve as the skeleton of your essay and make it simple for you to fix your ideas into each paragraph. And even though, on the other hand, you are writing a scholarship letter, you need to take time to plan before you start writing. And during the planning phase, you can make a bullet list of your ideas. Also, write without considering grammar error at this stage.

    You should also make plans to improve your writing. You can practice with similar topics, ask other people to read your work and leave comments.

  3. Write to impress readers.
  4. First, your introduction should sweep readers off their feet. It should make them interested in your paper. Hit the ground running starting from the first paragraph. Use an intense and captivating introduction that readers cannot resist. Also, your presentation should be personal and specific, too. Check out these two examples below.

    • Having great culinary skills is important for some reasons.
    • December 15, 2017, was the day my life indeed began.

    And not just your introduction, the rest of your scholarship application letter or essay should convince the providers that you are the right candidate for the award.


Your essay might be on “I want to go to college” or something more straightforward. But the fact is there is nothing simple about scholarship applications. First, the competition is high. You are competing with hundreds of students who also want the same thing as you. Then again, the scholarship providers have their way of grading. But with proper research, planning and organisation, you are likely going to produce something great.