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Crafting A Winning Essay About Friends

We all know how important friendship is in a person’s life. They provide a support system that celebrates our highs and lifts us during our lows. The value of a true friend is immeasurable. The thing is, even though we get its significance, we lack an opportunity to ponder over it in-depth. But this is exactly what needs to be done when a student is instructed to submit a full-length essay paper on the subject of friends. While it might sound easy at first, writing a decent, well-structured and engaging paper on the subject of friendship is not that simple. There are subtle nuances that you need to bear in mind at all times; otherwise you risk losing sight of the subject and meandering in your writing. The thing about writing an essay on an abstract topic such as this is that you need to understand it first. You cannot just skim the surface and focus on what your friends like to do or where they hail from. You need to dig deeper so that you can present a careful and tasteful study on the nature of your friendship.

Finding the Beginning

You will often find yourself struggling to begin the paper. That’s because you are familiar with the subject intimately, and it often gets difficult to be objective about it. At the same time, you need to distance yourself from your feelings and proceed with the topic in a calculated way. Start by considering the reasons why you befriended them in the first place. What drew you to them and why do they mean so much to you? This might require some deep self-exploration on your part, and sound more complicated than it is meant to. However, there is nothing to fear since you can find some useful tips and tricks below that will help you finish the paper quickly and easily.

  • You need to put your feelings in perspective. Formulate a good response to the question, What made you stay friends all these years?
  • Every friendship has its ups and downs. Retrace your steps in order to discover more about how you faced different trials and tribulations together; how in the face of adversity, your feelings triumphed.
  • Use this essay as an opportunity to understand more about the relationship you share with your friends. Test yourself on your knowledge about your closest pals.

Always Be Honest and Clear About Your Feelings

It’s an essay, which means that you have a certain amount of freedom regarding what you choose to include or exclude. For example, you might have reason to believe that the origin of your bond has no consequence, but look back nonetheless, and write about the incident or situation that brought you guys together. Do not try to paint just the good parts of your friend, include the bad ones as well. Engage the reader in such a way that they get invested in the idea of your friendship. Only through careful understanding of one’s self can you touch upon the significant points.