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How To Structure Your Essay In The Most Perfect Way

When you are asked to write an essay, it does not mean that you gather ideas then you haphazardly put them down. There is an essay format that your essay must have and for you to get marks, you have to ensure that you adhere to it. The importance of giving your paper a structure is that it creates logic and neatness. Different types of essays have different structures but however, you will come to realize that there are some parts that are a must in whatever type of essay you get. If you do not know how to write an essay, keenly read this.

The Title

This is the first part that appears once someone gives a glance to your paper. For you to motivate your reader to go through your work, you have to ensure that your essay topic is appealing. It should also not be too long since long titles tend to bore the reader. If you do not know how to find a suitable title, you can get essay writing help from various online sources.


When someone goes through your introduction, they should be able to understand what you are going to write about. This is the first crucial part of your paper. Just like the title, your introduction should also serve as a hook that will make the reader want to read more. A good introduction should also not be more than a fifth of your paper. And finally, the introduction should end with a thesis statement. You may be wondering what a thesis statement is. Well, this is the like the back bone of the essay where the other parts will be based on. If you want to be accurate, it is best that you write your thesis statement once you are done with your essay.

The body

This is now the crème de la crème of your paper. If you joke around in this part then I would guarantee you that you will be heading for doom. If you are questioning yourself what the body entails then here is the answer. This is where you bring out your arguments and go through essays examples so as to learn how to present your ideas. The points are placed in well-arranged paragraphs. You also ought to make sure that the paragraphs are neither too long nor too short when writing essays. Exhaust all your ideas for you to score. Maintain clarity and preciseness for ease of understanding to the reader. One key thing for you to note also is that your ideas should link up with the thesis statement. You also ought to use topic sentences that serves to introduce your idea, the supporting sentences which just from the name will support your idea and finally concluding sentence which closes your statements and links all the arguments.


This is the part that when most students reach they tend to heave a sigh of relief since getting to this point is not an easy task. What I would emphasize on is that there is actually nothing new that you will add in your conclusion. There are two ways that you can choose to conclude your essay the common one being summarizing. At the end of your paper, mention all your points in a nutshell. If you find that quite challenging then you do not have to fret. You can also choose to recap the main argument. What you should also put in mind is that the conclusion is like the last part that you are given to impress the reader and therefore you have to make sure that you use language that will impress the reader.

For you to get an A+ in your essay then keenly go through the points above and boost your knowledge by reading sample essays.